Ticket Sales (extended)

Just to let everyone know that due to popular demand $8 tickets are BACK ON SALE!

For the first time in nearly fifteen years NSWMRL is pre-selling tickets to the tournament. One of the reasons for this initiative is to ensure that as many people as possible hear about this unique event. Timed every year to coincide with the NRL Grand Final, the NSW Maori Rugby League Tournament occurs the Saturday before and instead of making tickets available for one day only we’ve extended that and have now to made tickets available one month before the tournament.

You’re now able to send all your friends and family the link below so that they can purchase their own tickets or even pre-purchase a ticket for the whānau and send the ticket to them via smart phone.

You will notice that the price of the tickets is the same as last year, a ridiculously low $5. Just $5 for all day entertainment?? I don’t know of anywhere in Sydney where you can find this sort of value. BUT, this won’t last long – so tell everyone – THIS OFFER ENDS ON THE 15TH OF SEPTEMBER.

After this tickets will increase to $8.00 and will be available until the 28th of September. That’s right the $28th of September, 2 days before the tournament. That’s when tickets will go up again to $10.00 – twice the original amount.

So, if you want to get in early and purchase tickets at half the gate price, then you have until the 15th of September. Here’s the link again that you can send to your whānau – text it, email it, messenger it, drop box it, copy and paste it, whatever you do don’t keep it to yourself.

NSW Māori Rugby League Junior Development Teams participating

In the past years under the careful eye of Mark and Millie Horo our junior teams have been developing and competing in tournaments such as the Harmony Cup. Players have been exposed to international coaching and competition that they would not normally have faced had it not been for this side. Without this growth from our younger players, the tournament would not be in the position that it currently enjoys.